I love photography. I love everything about photography: its art, its culture, its history, its technology. There is rarely something I would rather be doing than taking pictures.

I inherited my love of photography. When I was very young, we would take vacations to the the southwestern United States, and my father would always bring a camera or two. Photography kept the trips alive for me long after the travel. The long hours in the darkroom developing the film and making prints with my father marked the beginning of my life in pictures.

More recently, I've been influenced by photographers like Alfred Steiglitz, Harold Edgerton, Pascal Renoux, and others. I've developed a style through which I show the world my unique outlook. I am recognized as an artist, expert, and mentor in the Minneapolis area. I have shown my personal work in many regional art shows as well as the World Fantasy Convention. My commercial work is displayed on countless websites and in promotional materials nationwide.

"Ben has an excellent eye for light and shadow, for color and shape placement. More importantly, though, he understands the stories that pictures can tell, through the presence of something in the shot, or through its lack. Ben's work is simple, profound, and iconic, and it deserves a larger stage."-- Sean Murphy
"Ben has a very grounded sense of self that creates the perfect atmosphere for creativity and the energy that is needed to capture artistic photographs."-- Tammi LeMire Iverson, choreographer
"There are some people who are photographers and some people who take pictures all the time. Ben is a photographer."-- Greg Laden

Ben Zvan

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